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Entrepreneur Stories: Amy Rewcastle

11 Sep 2014

I am an Entrepreneur: Amy Rewcastle 

Former model Amy Rewcastle is not just a pretty face she is a very clever lady. Amy is pioneering bringing one of America’s most treasured charities across the pond with the first UK HQ of the Global Girls Club set to be in Scotland with her at the helm. She tell us her story… 

Tell us a bit about the history of the Girls Club… 

The Lower East Side Girls Club was founded in 1996, providing youth development programmes to local girls from low income families. Building on these programs The LESGC has developed and supported a series of Global Partnerships which has today become Girls Club Worldwide. Currently sister Girls Clubs can be found in Sierra Leone, Mexico, Nepal and now Glasgow.

Glasgow Girls Club 4

Girls Club Worldwide work in collaboration to develop trainings, curriculum, film festivals and travel experiences designed to place each girls experience in a broader global context.  

How did you get involved? 

I am the founder of Glasgow Girls Club - after hearing of the great work that they do and the amazing impact that they have in so many girls lives I knew that I wanted to be involved somehow. My stepmother is the founder of the Nepalese Orphanage that runs a Girls Club program too - that was how I came to learn of LESGC. 


What stage are you at now? 

The idea to establish a Glasgow Girls Club was born in 2013 and today Glasgow Girls, age 13- 16, can attend local Girls Club workshops as well as connect online with their sisters in Nepal & New York. Some of the girls will look forward to making the trip to NYC at some point within the coming year. 

I set up Glasgow Girls Club Community Interest Company in June this year and have established strong relations and affiliations with some outstanding existing youth development organisations, further education institutes and local corporate and community business organisations. We have received a tremendous amount of support, advice and in kind donations from a myriad of channels.  

We have an office and workshop space in Glasgow City Centre and access to a number of venues to run our workshops as and when they are needed.

Glasgow Girls Club 3

We have an operations manager and a development/fundraising director working part time in Glasgow. I am based between Glasgow & NYC - as director I am in charge of coordinating local and global GGC interests and initiatives. 

What will the Glasgow Girls Club do? 

GGC has established strong bonds and works in affiliation with a number of outstanding youth development organisations in some of Glasgow’s most deprived areas, collaboratively they deliver girl specific programmes that are tailored to funnel back into Girls Club Worldwide learning outcomes. These organisations include Depot Arts, Bad Idea and New Rhythms For Glasgow. 

Within the workshops and programmes the Glasgow Girls engage in crafting activities, sound production, entrepreneurial skills alongside leadership - art & activism projects.

The Glasgow Girls Club will facilitate and coordinate cultural education travel experiences for it's girls.  

How do the girls find you? Is it linked with schools or other organisations?  

They find out about us through other existing youth development organisations and schools too.

Glasgow Girls Club 1

How are local businesses getting involved? 

We have received a tremendous amount of support, advice and in kind donations from a myriad of channels. We are in talks regarding local business becoming sponsors and providing internship and mentorship schemes. Caledonia University are big supporters of Girls Club Worldwide - they have offered space for us to do workshops and seminars. 

Is this the UK’s first girls club?  

Glasgow Girls Club will be Lower East Side Girls Club's first ever UK partner, first Girls Club in Europe actually. 

Tell me a bit about the implications of setting up a social enterprise, what’s different about this process in comparison to setting up a trade business.

Setting up as a social enterprise (a Community Interest Company ltd by guarantee, to be precise) is basically a way of assuring any potential supporters, sponsors and grant givers/funding bodies that their support will go exactly where it is needed - to help the community. 

A CIC is an asset locked entity which means that it is not set up to make a profit for any beneficial owner. There are no shareholders and it can never be sold as a company. 

In the event that the company is wound up any assets have to be transferred to another asset locked entity. This means it will always serve the community in some way. A CIC is a relatively new legal formation but it is set up in much the same way as a LTD company - registered at Companies House but it also has to be approved by The CIC regulator and is subject to yearly reports to the regulator to ensure that it is still in compliance with the initial objectives by which 

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