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Where can I find a cheap accountant in London?

15 Oct 2013

Before we launched Accounts and Legal, we asked 20 London based small business owners how they went about choosing their accountant.

Roughly half of our respondents said that they got a recommendation from a friend, and the other half did some internet research and chose the cheapest.

Of those that chose the cheapest, not a single one was still with their original accountant 2 years later.

Some complained of tardy filing, missing deadlines and incurring fines. But most ultimately switched because their accountant didn't seem engaged or interested in their business. And those missed opportunities to minimise personal tax and corporation tax were as frustrating as they were costly.

Sylwia Kotarba-Harris


Associate Director

0207 043 4000

About the author

In addition to a BA (Honours) in Accounting, Sylwia also has a law degree, becoming legally qualified, deciding not to pursue career as a solicitor and instead reverted back to accounting.

Before opting for accountancy, Sylwia worked in various commercial roles, including sales for a prestigious business organisation, business development and high level client care/management skills at Gordon Ramsay’s head office, working as a VIP liaison.

Sylwia is a member of ACCA and joined Accounts and Legal in 2015. Her clients range from software development consultants to multinational wholesalers. Notably, Sylwia recently worked with a London gym and a new chain of supermarkets.

Outside of work she enjoys travelling more than anything else, having visited 5 continents in the last 2 years.


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