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How much do accounting services cost FAQs

11 Mar 2014

We understand that when hiring an accountant or outsourcing accounting work for your small business price is often a factor in the decision making process.

At Accounts and Legal we get asked a lot of questions about accounting costs so we have compiled a list of the most common ones and answered them for you; from finding the cheapest accountant in London to cheap tax advice for small businesses we have got it covered.

The price of accounting services FAQ's

  1. What are standard small business accounting fees?
  2. Where can I get a quote for a London accountant?
  3. Are there affordable accounting services in London?
  4. How much does self-assessment cost?
  5. Who provides low cost bookkeeping in London?
  6. Where can I find price lists for small business accounting services?
  7. How do I switch to an affordable accountancy firm?
  8. Are there standard London accountant’s fees?
  9. Do cheap London accountants for small businesses exist?
  10. What’s the cheapest accountancy firm in London?
  11. I need help choosing an accountant in London.

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Greg came to Accounts and legal as an entrepreneur to help entrepreneurs.

In the final year of his business and journalism degree in Glasgow, Greg launched his first fashion store in his home city in Glasgow at the age of 21. 

For the next 7 years Greg launched 3 different fashion brands throughout Scotland, with locations on some of the most recognisable streets north of the border. Alongside his stores he worked as contributing editor on various small indie fashion magazines and was represented by colours management as stylist and creative director, working with brands such as Anthropology and Marks and Spencer.


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