Beata Suduiko


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With both a Bachelors and Masters in Finance to her name, Beata joined Accounts and Legal in April 2018 as an accountant. Since joining the company she has made significant progress towards achieving chartered accreditation with ACCA.


With a portfolio spread all over the world, Beata has the opportunity to flex her linguistics muscles as she communicates with clients in their native Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and Italian, as well as in English. (Watch out Spanish, you’re next!)


Beata has a client-first approach and is renowned for doing everything in her power to make her clients’ lives easier and their businesses more successful, be that through offering tax advice, devising business plans, or support with budgeting, to name just a few.


Whether its carrying out the role of Financial Controller for one of London’s leading florists, advising location providers for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, helping a Latin American and Asian-based food tour expand into Europe, or working with one of Netflix’s subtitle services - there is no challenge Beata can’t make a success.


When she’s not speaking one of her many languages to clients, Beata sets off adventuring and to date has travelled almost all of Europe, as well as Morocco and Dubai. 


Aside from her love for exploring and experiencing new cultures, Beata can be found on the dancefloor and has been salsa dancing for over a year now. Who knows, maybe it’s a clue to her next travel destination?