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May 2nd, 2018


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When it comes to shooting corporate events, automotive, short-form documentaries and lifestyle products, few people, if any, can capture and edit footage quite like Tas Underwood.


With years of experience under his belt, Tas took the leap in 2016 to try and make it on his own, and he hasn’t looked back since.


IMG_0506“Because of the industry I’m in, most people do end up going freelance. I had been working full-time for an entertainment company in Soho, but knew if I wanted to earn a bit more money it would be better to go freelance instead,” said Tas.


“I’d always wanted to be my own boss and start up my own company and I’m enjoying it so far, I can work from home, set my own hours and choose the projects I work,” he added.


Despite his new-found freedom, initiative and the enjoyment Tas takes from the autonomy that comes with running his own business, getting his company off the ground has been a steep learning curve, as Tas explains.


“I was quite scared initially, and the first three or four months were tough to be honest. The majority of my time was spent trying to drum-up business. I was going to lots of meetings and making loads of calls to try and attract new clients - I still am doing that to an extent but it was very time-consuming at the start,” said Tas.


“It’s the nature of the business that a lot of clients can be last-minute jobs and after that I can spend a good deal of times chasing payments, too. Overall, becoming a good multitasker has been the greatest challenge but I’m getting used to it,” he continued.


When flicking through the projects Tas has worked on over the past two years, it’s clear to see that the lessons learned from starting his own business has armed him with the experience needed to work with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and organisations.


IMG_1109“I’m a big football fan and have been lucky enough to work with the likes of Manchester City and a couple of their players. Beyond that, I’ve done quite a bit of work with car companies and have worked with companies like SEAT when they launched their newest car in Barcelona - that was very enjoyable!


“I’m lucky enough to call the likes of Deutsche Bank a client and it’s been great to work with them, too,” said Tas.


It seems the only way is up for Tas, and with his business going from strength to strength he also has some exciting plans lined up for the future.


“I’m supposed to be going to the Cannes Lions festival this year to do a series of interviews, so that should be a great experience,” said Tas.


“Besides that, I’ve always wanted to work on documentaries and it’s my long-term goal to make that the main focus of my work.


“I filmed a few documentaries for The Telegraph last year and they were very interesting. One told the story of Stephen Harris, a self-taught chef who turned his grotty pub on the Kent coast into the country’s best restaurant and picked up a Michelin star on the way!” he added.


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