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May 2nd, 2018


10% off and free London delivery

When it comes to luxury flowers, nobody does it quite like Quintessentially Flowers.


Equipped with a team of seasoned experts, each member of the team shares a passion for flower design and a desire to deliver a breathtaking original bouquet to make your occasion a memorable one.


IMG_3337“We are a Central London-based florist and operate as part of the Quintessentially Group, the world’s biggest concierge service. We provide flowers as gifts, for weddings, parties and corporate events.


“Our customers can avail of same-day delivery in London and mainland Europe,” said Head Florist and Director, Monika Parafianowicz.


“We (Monika and her fellow director, Dorota Hassall) are both very experienced florists and have previously worked with large florist companies in London. Then, six years ago we were offered the opportunity to run Quintessentially Flowers,” she added.


After completing art college, Monika established herself in the London floristry scene very quickly.


Having successfully graduated from an a top-class two-year UK floristry course and worked with many well known flower designers over the years, Monika has gained a wealth of experience.


It is this experience which has helped Monika and Quintessentially Flowers to both identify and plan to overcome the biggest challenge the business has faced.


“The biggest challenge has come over the past two years where we have seen quite a lot of competition come in from other florists in London, but that has just pushed us to be more unique,” said Monika.


“We focus on working closely with our clients and ensure that we offer a personal service, that is what makes us different to the big florists in London, we focus on the people,” she added.


IMG_0658Despite the challenges Quintessentially Flowers have faced in the past, they have also kept their eye on the future, with a particular focus on generating sales through some of London’s most prominent retail outlets.


“In future we would like to have a greater retail presence in the next couple of years. We would like to have physical sales through stores like Selfridges and big name brands such as that,” said Monika.


ALEC members can now claim a special exclusive offer from Quintessentially Flowers where they can avail of free delivery in London and receive 10% off their order, too.


Get in touch with Monika and her team today and be prepared to receive the most sophisticated and stunning arrangements of orchids, roses and many other flowers from around the world.


Each hand-tied bouquet and gift is the perfect way to compliment a special occasion.



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