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May 2nd, 2018


0.25% off fees

For those in search of their own slice of paradise among London’s bustling streets, trying to read the property market, particularly amidst Brexit’s cloud of uncertainty, is a near-insurmountable feat.


The market throws too many contrasting forecasts for one person to decipher - that is where Property Point comes in.


property point 1As London’s leading property search and acquisition consultancy, Property Point’s sole focus is to find the buyer the perfect property at the lowest possible price.


With a background in sales and business development, Miranda Ludlam wanted a way out of her career at the time as she sought more quality time with her two young children.


“I had spent a lot of my career at a recruitment company based in the City and I’d realised I didn’t want that environment anymore because it wasn’t suited to family life,” said Miranda.


“Being head of business development came with a lot of travel but I didn’t want to be away all the time,” she added.


Fortunately for Miranda, a route into the property sector was already cleared somewhat prior to opting out of her business development career.


She had been redeveloping properties alongside her full-time job and therefore had built relationships with estate agents, yet she felt there was more to be achieved in the industry.


“In 2010 a real estate agent told me that 60% of clients actually came through agents. I realised within London there was a need for a service tailored to high-profile clients with little time.


“So I started at the end of 2010 and for the first few years was using my contacts and building my client list. The biggest benefit of it all was getting to set my own hours but as we’ve taken off in the last few years I’m working quite a few of those!” said Miranda.


Miranda’s experience in the property market made raising Property Point’s profile a more natural process.


“For me, it was really a case of finding the right clients, building on my reputation and really spreading the brand through word of mouth - they were the biggest challenges but the same challenges anyone faces on entering the property industry,” said Miranda.


However, it seems it is her dedication and experience that has seen her business prevail when others faltered.


“A lot of competition has fallen away in recent times because the market has become increasingly tough. Without an established reputation and experience it’s difficult the entrepreneurs based in their bedroom or kitchen to break into the market,” said Miranda.


property point 2“It’s a buyers market, they have the power, so I’ve been fortunate to get some really good clients,” she added.


Beyond their mission to find the best property at the best price, what is it that distinguishes Property Point from the rest of the market?


“We always go the extra mile and are available 24/7 to our clients. Our primary business is to find the perfect property, but we always endeavour to go beyond that. We also put our clients in touch with solicitors, quantity surveyors, accountants - anything they need,” said Miranda.


“Generally speaking, the clients we work with are used to a high level of service so we always go above and beyond with the service we offer, too,” she added.


Despite having achieved so much in seven-and-a-half years of business, Miranda’s vision and ambitions for Property Point paint the future in a very bright light, with many big plans in the pipeline.


“Traditionally, we have focused on residential properties but now we’re also assisting with the likes of hotel acquisition and commercial buildings. We’re also now helping HNW clients build property portfolios for both investment and personal use,” she said.


Very generously, Miranda has offered ALEC members a 0.25% reduction in fees for anyone who wishes to avail of Property Point’s five-star service.

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