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May 2nd, 2018


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Art can take many forms, and in the case of Platter London, their unique form of art is their incredibly creative and carefully crafted food.


Launched in 2017, Platter London has gone from strength to strength under the guidance of its innovative and passionate owner, Klara Fine.


platter 1“I was studying fashion at university in Manchester but knew it was not my passion at all. Instead, my interest has always been making beautiful, creative food. It’s like edible art,” said Klara.


“I was leaving university and knew I needed to do something so I created Platter London,” she added.


As is the case with a lot of today’s new businesses, social media, and in particular Instagram, has provided a platform upon which Klara can showcase Platter London’s incredibly aesthetic produce.


“It started off with family and friends and I posted the pictures of our food on Instagram. The business really grew online and now we have a range of clients from individuals to corporate groups,” she said.


So what is it that has helped Platter London stand out from the crowd and establish themselves as one of London’s most exciting and innovative new businesses?


“We are the first platter company in the UK, it’s our aim to produce beautifully presented platters and deliver them straight to your door,” said Klara.


“Each platter is bespoke and completely personalised per order. We use only top quality produce, locally sourced supplies where possible, and it’s all uniquely presented on rustic timber boards,” she added.


Despite the company’s unprecedented growth since the opening for business, its success has not come without several challenges.


platter 2“There have been so many challenges but maybe one of the biggest has been that we’ve been learning as we go along. There are three of us working at Platter London and we’re all in our early twenties, starting our careers and gaining experience,” said Klara.


“As with anything, things can go wrong, but we have all learned a lot over the last year and overcome any challenges we’ve faced,” she added.


It appears Klara and her team have learned very quickly and have taken on board any lessons that have come their way in the past year. With Platter London’s first birthday still fresh in the memory, the team are looking ahead to the latter stages of June and the launch of a new chapter for the company.


“We’re two weeks away from opening our first kitchen/coffee shop just off High Street Kensington, which is really exciting. We’ve just celebrated our first birthday so it has come at a good time.


“Up until now the three of us have been working out of my flat so it will be nice to get into a space of our own,” said Klara.


Through their own generosity, Platter London have created a special offer exclusively for ALEC members to avail of, whereby they can now claim 10% off their first order.



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