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May 2nd, 2018


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They say a picture paints a thousand words - but there are few words worthy of describing the handmade photography albums and books produced by Koy Lab.


Founded in 1977 as a photo lab by a professional photographer who wanted more than what he had available, Koy Lab soon started our search for new challenges.


40 years have passed and, despite spreading to every corner of the globe, Koy Lab remains a family business, which further highlights the true uniqueness of the company and its brand.


koy lab 1“Koy Lab is a family business that has been operating out of its headquarters in Braga, Portugal for the past 40 years.


“Today we are present in 45 countries around the world, on every single continent,” said Antonio, Manager at Koy Lab.


“We manufacture photo albums and books by hand. And when we say handmade we truly mean it - every single process is done by hand, except printing.


“We are very concerned about quality and therefore have a special focus on the quality of everything we produce,” he added.


For Koy Lab, one of the biggest challenges come in the form of its competitors, who, by and large, are bigger companies with a larger capacity for production. Yet, despite the power their competitors hold, Koy Lab’s competitive edge comes in the from of their focus on quality and a unique personal touch.


“Our competitors are bigger companies but their processes are standard, We personalise to the customer’s need and everything is designed specifically for a particular person.


“Our customers cover a broad range of photographers who shoot everything from outdoor and sports, to weddings and newborn,” said Antonio.


Koy Lab’s uniqueness doesn’t end with their approach to bespoke, handmade production. For the sake of society, culture and sustainability, they are also actively engaged in contributing to the development of economic, social and humanitarian domains, supporting cultural, sustainable and educational initiatives.


These principles are an integral part of Koy Lab’s operations, and a pillar of reference for the company’s position in the market.


koy lab 2Koy Lab strive to preserve their heirloom and never let go of their past, which has allowed them to get to where they are today. However, their focus is on the future, something which they are working to improve in the present.


“Our big plan right now is to intensify expansion and strengthen our position in Northern European markets. I am currently working on this expansion from east to west and will continue to be present at many shows and events. This is our main target for 2018,” said Antonio.


Koy Lab’s ambitious expansion isn’t just focused on one particular market, however. If anything, the work carried out 2017 laid the blueprints for sustainable growth and success, both this year and for the foreseeable future.


“There have been many big changes made at Koy Lab in the past year. Expanding our base in Braga has increased our production capacity, raised the volume of workload we can handle and improved the logistics of the business,” said Antonio.


“Much of our expansion has focused on new technology and being based in Braga really suits this. The city is full of activity, it has a university and has many young people involved in technology. With 80% of our sales coming online it is important that we have the right people to fit our expansion,” he added.


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