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May 2nd, 2018


Free 45-minute business coaching session; 5 sessions for the price of 4

Behind every successful business is a group of successful people, growing together as they strive toward their objectives and drive their team to new levels. That is where Grobox comes in.


Melissa Fearon, Grobox’s co-founder, is an entrepreneur with a passion for people and an acknowledgement of what individuals can achieve when they are given the right guidance. As far back as she can recall, owning a business has always been something Melissa has dreamed of doing.


While her brain fizzes with the energy that has powered the generation of 10,000 business ideas over the last number of years, Melissa has also been very realistic in her approach to creating her own company, citing the responsibilities of life as a key driver for maintaining balance within the entrepreneurial sphere.


grobox 2“I have always dreamed of starting my own businesses and my mind is constantly thinking of new things - I’ve probably thought up 10,000 ideas by now!


“But I’ve always thought that when it came to actually starting my own business it would be a case of being in the right place at the right time. I didn’t want to have the financial constraints of university, saving for a house or relying on parents. I wanted to be completely independent,” said Melissa.


With a new house bought and financial independence achieved, the time had come for Melissa to embark on her entrepreneurial path, enthused by the idea that her knowledge and skills could help others unlock potential they never knew they had, and guide them in a direction they otherwise would never have realised.


This ethos of deep personal understanding and subsequent development is a core factor in what Grobox do on a daily basis.


While the company itself is in the depths of its infancy, the time dedicated to research and strategising by Melissa over the past three years has produced an incredibly unique and valuable business coaching service.


“The Grobox website launched in July 2017 but really I’ve been working on this with my business partner since early 2016 and a huge amount of thought and planning has gone into deciding the exact services we can provide and to who we can provide them. Dilya, my business partner, and I met when I was working at Accenture and she was at J.P.Morgan – a fusion of ideas, skills and visions came together, and then it all began.


“I’m just really excited to coach people, it’s something that I love and it has always driven me. In the early days of my career as a business development manager I knew the role was missing that human element. Then, in moving onto the Teach First programme I learned so much and got such a great buzz from the one-to-one and small group coaching sessions,” said Alicia.


In more recent years, Melissa has been working as a Consultant, offering consultancy and advisory to some of the country’s most prestigious and prominent FTSE 100 legal and consultancy firms.


grobox 1This stint of work has only expanded her skillset, helping Melissa to master all concepts on the business coaching spectrum. Coupled with Dilya’s strong financial services background from the Big 4, a top-tier investment bank, and fintech company, the pair are a force to be reckoned with.


By factoring in all of her experiences to date, Melissa has devised several key points which explain the core values and ambitions of Grobox.


“Firstly, Grobox is democratising business coaching. There are so many people who could benefit from business coaching but the prices out there are making the service inaccessible for the majority.


“We also want to fully understand whether an individual or team would benefit most from advisory services, coaching, or consultation, and from there we want to open our door to as many people as possible to make coaching accessible,” said Melissa.


“Next to that is our focus on deep listening techniques, which give us the understanding we need to deliver exactly what would benefit people the most. Based on our fundamentals of deep listening, empathy, and absence of an agenda, we create a unique environment in which those with whom we work can always be confident that they’re getting the service they truly need,” she added.


Finally, one of the most outstanding elements of Grobox, and the final point Melissa outlines, is the company’s complete dedication to the full inclusion and diversity spectrum, and this is apparent right through the business.


“We are really committed to inclusion and diversity on all levels – social mobility agendas included - it plays a part in the way we serve our clients and in each of our policies. It’s number one on our agenda when hiring because we want to empower our employees to really own their careers and get the most from their time with us. The exact same goes for our clients and their businesses.” said Melissa.


“We are very keen to promote transparency and visibility, and this is something we have always been set on since day one,” she added.


It’s a very exciting time for Grobox as they get to work on putting their plan into action, and your business can be a part of that. Exclusively for ALEC members, Melissa and the team at Grobox are offering a free 45 minute coaching session, and 5 sessions for the price of 4 should anyone want to avail of this hugely valuable, people-focused service.



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