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May 2nd, 2018


10% off bookings of 5 days or more

From music videos and brand promotions, to special effects and cinematic productions, it’s fair to say that Stephen Perkins and his brainchild, futuresins, ticks all the boxes when it comes to production - and it’s only the beginning.


Steeped in experience from all elements of production, Stephen’s career initially began in the field of post-production and animation, cutting his teeth on a range of projects before stepping away from it all to go freelance and build his repertoire of production skills.


Come 2011, he had editing duties with VICE in addition to juggling a number of freelance gigs along the way. Fast forward four years and the time had come for Stephen to take the next step in his career and set up his own digital production company.


Enter, futuresins.


futuresins 4“I had spent a few years working in different places and in different roles, so there came a point where I had accumulated a lot of different skills and varying talents. At that point, I thought it was time to start my own company where I took charge, overseeing everything that happens in the production process and outsourcing specialty work if I had to,” said Stephen.


Based in London, on the outskirts Slough, futuresins has, under Stephen’s direction, established itself as an innovative, breath of fresh air in production circles.


Pulling the strings as director, editor, animator, and producer, in just three short years Stephen has been at the helm of projects which have aired on the likes of BBC, CNN, VICE, and Ogilvy & Mather, to name a few.


Despite all of the early success futuresins has achieved, the work that stands out for Stephen is the feature-length documentary which followed a year in the life of Jesse Hughes, lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal.


futuresins 3The production, titled “Redemption of the Devil”, chronicles the year in which the rocker turned 40 and became God. While the documentary gives a deep and, at times, worrying insight into the mind of Hughes, it’s the overall style that shows futuresins’ unique style and sets a precedent for what’s to come from the company.


In the pipeline lies futuresins’ biggest project to date - an eight-part documentary series which shines the spotlight on transgender people and how the rise of modern technology has simplified the transition.


Production wrapped at the end of last year and is due to be aired on CNN later in 2018.


The future for Stephen and futuresins looks SHINY, with the plan to open a full production service on the horizon. The new company, which will adopt a new name, will be comprised of a web portal which hosts a range of film and video content.


Needless to say, unique productions are futuresins’ forte, so if you want your brand to stand out from the crowd why not get in touch with Stephen and avail of his exclusive offer for ALEC members - 10% off bookings of 5 days or more.



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