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May 2nd, 2018


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The brainchild of three passionate and innovative Spanish designers, FLAT26 is a design studio based in London.


Combined, they are graphic, web, branding, and digital designers who offer 360º projects for new companies, corporative and visual images, logos, websites, social media and stationery.


flat26 2Full of energy and good vibes, the studio has an incredibly welcoming atmosphere where prospective clients are always encouraged to pop-in and get acquainted with this dynamic team.


“We came to London from Spain about a year-and-a-half ago and initially were working separately as freelancers. Although we were working on different projects, we were always sharing ideas with each other. It was then we decided we could all work together,” said Carlos, “The Detail” element of FLAT26’s designer trio.


“The first flat we lived in together when we arrived in London had the number 26 on the door, that’s how our business got its name,” he added.


Irrespective of the incredible enthusiasm and talent Carlos, Ana and Álvaro bring to the design scene in London, the year that has passed since setting up their business has not been without its challenges.


“The main challenge was that we did not know the culture here in the UK. We have been working hard to try and build clients in a new city but we had some contacts from Spain and kept working for them while living in London.


“We could then show off this work to people when trying to grow our client base here,” said Carlos.


The hard work in overcoming the above challenges has clearly paid off for the team, however. In addition to a portfolio of some very interesting projects, one notable job has come in the form of the world’s most famous comic book and film production company - Marvel.


flat26 1“Our best project has been the one we worked on with Marvel,” said Carlos.


“To help with the launch of their latest film, Avengers: Infinity War, we designed an entire album and stickers that was distributed to people who went to watch the film in Spanish cinemas - it was definitely our coolest job,” he added.


London’s unique mix of businesses and cultures has made it a creative hub for the likes of designers, and while this is great for the industry itself, it does make it difficult for designers to set themselves apart from their competitors - so, what is it that makes FLAT26 unique?


“We have our Spanish vision, which is something people aren’t used to here and makes us different from others. We are a young, hard-working group lots of and creative ideas,” said Carlos.


“We are also very focused on the client. We don’t think of them as customers, we want them to be a part of the project and to be involved in each step of the design process. We want them to feel like they can share all of their ideas and visions with us and that we will always listen to, and use, what they say,” he added.


With a fantastic first year in business under their belts, the team at FLAT26 have got their sights set on the future and are dedicated to improving their business every day.


“Right now we’re working on finding more clients. Our next steps are to upgrade our studio and continue to work hard - just like we have been doing since day one of the business. Of course we would also like to find more cool jobs like the Marvel one, too!” said Carlos.


As a member of ALEC, you too can get to know the incredible team at FLAT26 and see how their work can transform your own business. Furthermore, they are offering an exclusive 10% discount on all bookings made by their fellow club members.



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