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May 2nd, 2018


6%+VAT on lettings/management fees; one week rent-free on straight let

If you’re searching for a professional and efficient lettings service, look no further than ETB Management, who are focused on delivering a high quality service and expert advice to their clients at the best possible price.


zpg_agent_static_agent_profile_images_(41220281)“ETB Management was founded 15 years ago by the owner, Edyta. In the beginning she was on her own but today you can see how the company has grown,” said Aneta, ETB’s Office Manager.


“At one time there was two branches of ETB, and now the two branches have joined to create one big office where we can all work together,” she added.


For any business in the property industry, the greatest challenges are always the initial ones faced when trying to get the business off the ground.


As Aneta explains, the beginning for ETB Management was no different, but it is clear that their hard work has paid dividends in the long run.


“The biggest challenge for us at the beginning was finding landlords but now it’s no problem. We currently manage a large portfolio of properties and it continues to grow,” she said.


Once established, the next hurdle an estate agent naturally faces is its competitors, and this is particularly true in a London market currently experiencing a bit of uncertainty given Britain’s decision to leave the EU come early 2019.


Based on this, ETB Management are dedicated to separating themselves from competitors by providing an incredibly personalised, high-quality service to each and every client.


“What separates us is our service to clients. We provide a very personalised service, in a friendly environment, that is focused on finding the best property for tenants,” said Aneta.


etb textThe future looks bright for ETB Management, and with some exciting ventures in the pipeline it seems their success in the property industry to date only looks set to improve with time.


“We really want to expand in future. At the minute we specialise in lettings but we are planning to expand into sales and maybe, in time, create another branch dedicated to selling properties,” said Aneta.


Thankfully, with ETB Management established members of ALEC, fellow members can try their incredible service for themselves while also availing of some very generous offers. Members can pay a discounted 6% + VAT on lettings and management fees, as well as claiming one week rent-free for a straight let.



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