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May 2nd, 2018


Exclusive ALEC offer coming soon!

Stepping into the world of Alex Mark and Atlam truly opens the mind to what structural engineering and architecture can really achieve when they are fuelled by the right vision and ambition.

For the past decade, Alex has been working on the designs and engineering for a whole range of buildings, including the incredibly modern and highly-acclaimed Birmingham New Street train station, as well as a number of other innovatively-designed public buildings and private residences.

atlam 1Having spent his entire career pre-Atlam in people-facing roles, Alex was constantly assuming greater responsibility and taking on larger, more significant projects as time went by.

Naturally, there came a point in his mind where he decided it would be worthwhile to become his own boss.

“I’ve worked on some really cool offices and other interesting buildings. Those unique projects are something that I really wanted to bring to my own business,” said Alex. 

Life as a business owner has been a busy one for Alex, and with a few plans on the horizon, it looks set to stay that way. Since Atlam’s inception in August 2017, a lot of work has been put into designing the company’s new website which is due to go live this summer.

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the new website as it reaches its final stage s of design - needless to say, the portfolio of eye-catching, innovative buildings it boasts give a true representation of what Atlam is all about.

“I pride myself on my tenaciousness to find the best answer, and the same goes for Atlam. Over the course of my career to date I have really enjoyed discovering how important it is to strive for good design within the build environment,” said Alex.

Atlam’s approach can be broken down into three different elements. First and foremost, we enjoy our craft and are dedicated to challenging ourselves to find the best design. Secondly, we have the client’s interests at the core of everything we do and are wise as to how we spend their time and money.

Finally, we are always aware that possibilities can arise within the designs we work on. Where suitable, we will always work to improve existing designs,” he added. 

As expected, the design process at Atlam incorporates only the best technology. All designs generally start off as hand-drawn sketches, before delivering highly-specific designs through Rhino or CAD. Notably, should designs demand a 3D element, the team at Atlam can oblige this, too. 

Furthermore, given Alex’s extensive experience in the industry, Atlam also offer an investigative service to identify defects in existing buildings, as well as pre-purchase due diligence.

Overall, Alex’s knowledge and ambition have placed Atlam on the leading edge of structural engineering and design. As a member of the Entrepreneur’s Club, Atlam is now offering other members TBC.



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