Louis Lines

MBA Qualified Business Strategy and Planning Specialist

0207 043 4000

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Louis has had a diverse and interesting business career to date - a clear benefit of this is his real world commercial and practical experience and entrepreneurial spirit.

He has an MBA from Manchester University.

Other career experience includes a stint in the City, working with a renewable energy fund, working 30 miles south of the Canadian border building amazing timber framed houses and living the American Dream!

Louis spends his time at Accounts & Legal providing creative solutions to complex problems. Whilst most accountants spend their time looking back at what a business has done in the past, Louis focuses on helping our clients look forward, planning for the future making sure that their business is best positioned to grow effectively.

Louis helps our clients with forecasting the future, structuring their business for growth and raising finance to support that growth.

You may not be completely surprised, bearing in mind the above ,to know that in his free time Louis can be found somewhere on the River Lea rebuilding his historic narrow boat, swimming or fishing.