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Hannah Guy

04 Feb 2022

Job title: Accountant

One line job description: Bookkeeping , VAT Returns and Year-End Accounts. The three things MOST people hate doing 😊

Where do you live?: Brighton

One thing you love about your job: Getting to know new clients and their businesses. Accountancy isn't just about numbers, it's just as much about building relationships with people and learning all about them and what they do!

What do you like to do in your spare time?: My brother recently had a baby so I love spending time with my little nephew and getting to know his little personality. But invite me out for food and I am there!! So basically, eating food or having fun with my nephew! 

Favourite food: Crispy chilli chicken with egg fried rice, without a doubt. If you haven’t tried it then you need to as soon as possible,  it's unreal!

Drink of choice:  Gin and lemonade. All the flavour gins, I'm not fussy, although my current FAVE is Mango and Lime. 

Something people don’t know about you: I went to a private school for 3 years and loved every minute.  

In another life I’d be a: I'm an animal lover so definitely something to do with dogs or animals. I would absolutely love to work in a rescue centre.  

Favourite song of all time: MKTO - Classic 

And a film: The Holiday (best Christmas film EVER)

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The BEST birthday present ever!! – My nephew was born 11 days before my birthday and the one and only wish I had was to have a cuddle on my birthday 😊 


Jack Webb


Trainee Accountant

0207 428 5386

About the author

Having studied Economics as an undergraduate, Jack went on to become a master in Money & Banking. After graduating Jack went on to teach economics to A Level students, before switching his attention to accounting.

Jack now works with a range of clients in many industries such as catering, property and recruitment.

When away from Accounts and Legal, Jack enjoys following the mighty West Ham United and likes to think he’s a half decent player as well.


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