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Accounts and Legal bolster their services with HR consultancy

28 Nov 2017

Suzanne Gray has joined the Accounts and Legal team as an HR Advisor, ready to work directly with our clients in reviewing existing HR documentation and processes and suggesting amendments and improvements to ensure the business risk in respect of employees is suitably managed.

Suzanne is highly qualified with an MA in Human Resource Management and is full CIPD qualifications.

Having worked in HR for 11 years, she has a wealth of HR experience, as well as a specialism and passion for employee relations. Having worked in both recruitment and education, Suzanne is now working “in practice” bringing her skills to bear with Accounts and Legal clients.


Get 20% off your HR fee if you commission an HR review before midnight on November 30th - just contact our Business Development Manager, Greg, at g.milne@accountsandlegal.co.uk or call him directly on 0207 043 4000.



HR is crucial to your business

Many companies don’t realise the importance of good HR policies and procedures before it’s too late. By avoiding common mistakes and implementing simple processes, your business will be protected and subsequently avoid unnecessary costs.

Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice show for the period from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 there was an increase in the number of Employment Tribunal claims received compared with the year 2014/2015.

The total number of applications made in 2015/2016 was 83,031, in comparison to 61,308 the year before.

On average, defending an Employment Tribunal costs a business £8,500, according to the British Chambers of Commerce.

Below are just some of the effective ways we can help you make sure your company stays protected and employees remain happy:


An up to date employee handbook

Every company, irrespective of size should have an employee handbook as it will assist the company when making polices and guidelines for its employees to abide by. It also ensures that the employment law is followed, something many companies underestimate.

It is advisable to include a code of conduct, details of company benefits, company policies and details of employment and termination guidelines.


Recognising and dealing with performance issues

Every company needs to ensure they have an up to date disciplinary policy and code of conduct to ensure that employees are aware of what is expected of them. 

It is also important to recognise when these are not being adhered to and records are kept in respect of the employee’s performance and where they are failing to deliver.

The key is to be consistent for all employees and to ensure that discrimination does not occur as this can lead to costly claims if an employee is unlawfully and unfairly dismissed.


HR records

It is important to keep employees’ files up to date to ensure that they are compliant, particularly with any details regarding right to work and details of disability.

It is important to have these easily accessible so that if any issue arises they can be referred to.


Importance of thorough recruitment and career progression

It is important to take time when recruiting or considering internal candidates for any vacancies. It can be costly if the wrong person is hired. It is also important to ensure you take time to create a job description to show exactly what skills are required. 

This is also important for many HR processes for example if problems due to health, performance, capability arise. 

For example, a job description is a starting point for employers to consider if someone is capable following a work place accident or for their doctor to recommend provisions to their role.


Taking time to train employees

Taking time to train your employees leads to you investing in their future within the business and this is key to having a happy, capable workplace.

Failing to train staff in relevant areas leads to further costs if the employee either doesn’t fulfil their role properly or feel valued, ultimately forcing the company to recruit again.


Up to date policies

Having up to date policies is of great importance, particularly if they involve legal terms underpinned by current legislation. If a policy is out of date this can be a serious risk to the employer.

If you haven’t reviewed your policies in a few years, or worse don’t have any written policies then we recommend a review to ensure that both the employee and employer are protected should any disagreements arise.


Employment law knowledge

It is important that employers are up to date with their knowledge of employment law, or at least have access to support with this.

In a time when employment tribunals are very common it is important for employers to be equipped with the resources to ensure they are covered and not liable for costly claims. Accounts and Legal provide an HR helpline where clients can receive advice on how to deal with an HR issue.

Get 20% off your HR fee if you commission an HR review before midnight on November 30th - just contact our Business Development Manager, Greg, at g.milne@accountsandlegal.co.uk or call him directly on 0207 043 4000.

Keir Wright-Whyte


Managing Director

0207 043 4000

About the author

Originally graduating with a degree in geography from Edinburgh University, Keir claims that he was then tricked into becoming an accountant by one of the UK's top 5 accountancy practices.The deception extended to the usual training in audit and associated activities.

Keir subsequently worked in a number of advisory roles with clients including in the energy trading, pharmaceuticals and financial services sectors.

He loves working at Accounts & Legal because of the variety of work and clients, the excellent team ethos and morale, the importance placed on genuinely helping and being useful for clients and because he believes what he does matters to clients and helps the firm.

Keir's primary role is to ensure that new clients with complex businesses or needs are on-boarded in the best way and he is a "trouble shooter" both for clients and where complex issues arise internally. He also helps the accounting teams strive to improve what we do for clients, whether processes or services.

When not debiting or crediting, Keir has a penchant for fixing old buildings, skiing, surfing and cycling.


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