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Client of the Month: Santhelia

03 Jun 2014

The Santhelia mission statement is almost as radical as the flagship mascara itself; make up and skincare should enhance what nature endowed you with.

With her alternative take on the cosmetics establishment, she offers a powerful lesson to other start-ups, that you can take on industry giants through thinking outside the box.

Here comes the science…

First and foremost when developing a new brand entrepreneurs must establish their unique selling propositions (USPs) to ensure they stand out from the crowd and Santhelia has done that perfectly.

In aspiring towards an unattainable ideal of perfection, women can actually harm themselves. But the microfiber technology behind Santhelia Mascara is actually good for your eyelashes. Another of its pros is that it takes less time to apply, so it is less likely to smudge or clump. And it works, she stresses. Your eyelashes look naturally thick and abundant.

Brand founder and product namesake Santhelia Young says, “I used to be in financial services and women are more prevalent but we are still judged more on appearance than guys. If you haven’t made an effort it’s like you’re not present, but it takes twice as long,” she confides; hence the thinking behind her efficient new product.

The inspiration for Santhelia’s ‘magnetic lash’ mascara, was a personal one which is why she has given the company her Christian name despite reservations about being cast as its brand ambassador.

She states, “I have Asian lashes – I’m not going to get all ethnic about it, but there it is. I used to get lash extensions and it cost a fortune. Then one day, all my lashes fell out. So I decided to come up with a solution.” The Magic Lashes Wand

The Magic Lashes Wand

The phenomenon which attaches the microfibers to the lashes and allows the user to build volume gradually and cumulatively is known in physics as ‘electrostatic’; think candyfloss, however in this case magnetic repulsion keeps the eyelashes separate and defined.

Defining and differentiating yourself in the marketplace is a must when promoting a new product.

“The mascara contains 2 tubes, one is a wet mascara and one is dry natural fibre. Start with the mascara, then brush on the dry fibres that stick onto the wet lashes invisibly; this thickens, lengthens and helps to keep lashes separated. Finish off with a top coat of the mascara and voila!” she explains.

The mascara also contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, a powerful multi-purpose molecule that works by binding with water, and stopping up the gaps in joints, nerves, hydrates skin and hair, and filling the eye. In this way it acts to moisturise cells, as well as cushioning them and enhancing elasticity.

Testament to its effectiveness is the fact that, from humble beginnings, the product is now distributed in 8 different countries. It has even secured an elusive QVC listing and the internet abounds with reviews from bloggers and cosmetics magazines.

Santhelia describes the ‘magnetic lash’ mascara as a “one-stop shop which creates multiple looks: a light application for day time, and you can build up two or three coats for a glamorous evening look.”

A Multi-Pronged Campaign

Two more products will be released shortly after the mascara. The first is the line of ‘Real Rebel’ lipbalms which Santhelia claims it is the world’s first CC lip-balm. “It colour adapts to match your skin tone,” she expounds, “and it’s heat-reactive as well. So when you get hot and flustered the colour deepens. Red lipstick is an essential, and this one gives you what I call ‘natural kissability.”

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