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Client of the Month: Moreno Boxing

It’s become the fitness regime of choice for celebrities ranging from musician Professor Green to model Millie Mackintosh, and now Carlos Moreno, an amateur boxing champion, is looking to show the sport isn’t just for the stars.

Born in Portugal, Moreno trained in England, working his way up to number eight in the amateur boxing rankings and winning the Portuguese national championships in July.

He has since retired but now he has gone no-holds-barred in building up his Moreno Boxing gym business. He explains: ‘Other gyms tend to offer boxercise and other watered down versions of boxing, while we focus on teaching people real boxing and train them as if they were athletes, all without them having to fight.

‘Our trainers are all ex-boxers and some are even national and international boxing champions, so our clients can be confident that they are being trained by the best in the business.’

Packing a punch

Moreno started boxing at 17 and now, aged just 26, is building his own business that already has several celebrity clients, but is just as welcoming to members of the public.

Carlos Moreno And Professor Green

He says: ‘Boxing training can be taken up by anyone and has some really good health and fitness benefits. It helps reduce stress levels so you can sleep better at night and release some powerful endorphins which make you feel amazing after throwing all those punches’.

Classes started in parks but became so popular that he now has a premises in Dalston.

He says: ‘Until recently I ran the business completely alone while being guided by advice from my girlfriend who is an international auditor for a luxury brand, a friend who works in venture capital and my clients too. I have made all investments in the company myself and paid back any owed money, so the company has no debt.

‘When I first started I did everything myself, from the website, flyers and business cards, to customer service, management and strategy. However, two months ago I promoted one of my staff to general management so now I am able to delegate a lot more work, even though I still have a lot to do.’

Be prepared for push-ups

Clients learn boxing technique but there is no pressure to do sparring, meaning there is less chance of getting punched in the face.

Moreno Boxing

But Moreno is strict when it comes to discipline: you can expect push-ups if found to be talking over trainers or not paying attention.

Moreno says: ’Boxing is only dangerous in an uncontrolled environment and this is why our trainers are also very strict and put their foot down when necessary. Our kindness should never be mistaken for weakness and our staff are very quick to alert and discipline a member who gets out of hand, usually by talking during explanations and not paying attention.

‘If a client does not pay attention to correct form, it can lead to injuries and accidents, therefore we are very strict here, everyone must stop talking and listen up when we are teaching technique.’

Carlos Moreno 2


He has big plans for the business: there is an improved website coming, new training programmes and the launch of a clothing line, he adds: ‘Some days I feel more overwhelmed then others but I really enjoy it. Everyone I know tells me I am building something special and that I have created something impressive thus far; I agree.’

Box Clever

If you are looking to turn your passion into a business then follow in the footsteps of Carlos and give us a call. Not only are we small business accountants, we also work with our clients to help them grow; could you be our next Client of the Month?

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