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23 Jul 2020
To help you navigate the maze of employment legislation, here’s a very simple summary of the key points that affect employers in a business environment.
13 Apr 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic continues on a global scale, businesses need employment law advice more than ever.
22 Jan 2020
Starting a new company can be complicated, and legal challenges are one of the top reasons small businesses fail. Here are eight legal mistakes commonly made when starting a new company and tips to help you avoid them.
30 Aug 2017
Entrepreneurs like to have as much control over their businesses as possible, but if things go well, they will need to delegate. If you’re thinking of becoming an employer, it’s important to know your legal and tax obligations.
17 Apr 2014
If you are looking to set up a company and trade in the UK you will almost certainly need a UK business bank account. However, to open one you must be able to provide proof of a UK address, and this can be tricky for overseas investors and non-UK residents.
27 Feb 2013
The prospect of making redundancies is one that fills most small business owners with dread, and not without good reason. Find out how best to approach it.
30 Sep 2020
Buying a business can be a great way to bypass some of the years of hard work that go into building a venture. Yet, it's by no means plain sailing, and it's only likely to prove a shortcut to success if you get everything right. While buying an established business does require some time and effort, it also means you'll need to have access to substantial funds, so there are risks.
18 Jun 2020
Here we’ll look into employers’ responsibilities when it comes to employee mental health and a stress at work policy, as well as how to handle an employee off with work-related stress.
23 Feb 2020
Employing staff is a big step for any new business. An extra set of hands can boost your businesses’ productivity and can even help you offer additional services to your clients or customers. But employing staff for the first time brings forward financial, tax and legal obligations for employers.
30 Aug 2017
Pension rules are changing and unfortunately it is going to be expensive for small businesses.
11 Jul 2014
A Scotsman, an Englishman and an Irishman are standing in a bar. The Irishman asks, “How do you keep something safe that you can’t touch or see?”. While in the beginning the question sounds like a bad joke the truth is a lot more serious for some business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors.
21 Jan 2014
Setting up a Limited Company can be time consuming and complicated but incorporating (registering at Companies House) can save you tax and limit your liability. Find out how it works here.