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28 Dec 2020
In what will signal a blow for many struggling businesses, HMRC has said it will not be waiving late filing penalties or extending the set January 31st deadline. However, there's slightly better news if you've been affected by the pandemic. HMRC has also said it will consider cases where COVID-19-related problems cause delays. Businesses will also get more time to appeal against penalty decisions.
Tax Advice
29 Nov 2020
People who have been self-employed for some time will be familiar with the procedures, but if you’re new to self-employment, it’s important to understand your filing and payment obligations so that you don’t incur fines from HMRC.
Small Business Advice
Tax Advice
15 Oct 2020
It's great news for many UK businesses. In a long-anticipated update, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced an extension for companies that deferred their VAT because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Small Business Advice
27 Sep 2020
On 24th September, after weeks of speculation, the Chancellor announced the successor to the furlough scheme as part of a Winter Economy Plan. The ‘Job Support Scheme’ will come into effect on November 1st and will cover a six-month period. Here are the key elements of the new scheme, as well as a guide for employers on what to do now furlough is ending.
Small Business Advice
15 Sep 2020
Here, our corporate finance team sheds light on small business financing options for SMEs, plus how we can help ensure businesses have the funds in place to ensure their company thrives.
Accounting Advice
14 Aug 2020
If you’re considering how to improve your accounting processes and your financial decisions, we strongly recommend finding out more about Xero. Here’s a brief guide to Xero cloud accounting features and benefits, but if you’d like to discuss it in more detail feel free to get in touch.
30 Jul 2020
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Small Business Advice
20 Jul 2020
Sunak’s “Plan for Jobs” is designed to protect and create roles that will help Britain recover from the economic effects of COVID-19. While the measures aren’t as wide-reaching as announcements made in phase one, many will see them as a welcome boost during difficult circumstances.
Tax Advice
22 Jun 2020
2020 has been a tough and stressful year for employees and people who are self-employed. The government lockdown to reduce the spread of Coronavirus essentially meant that people should work from home wherever possible. But, for many self-employed people that was not an option.
Small Business Advice
29 May 2020
The Covid-19 crisis has taken an extraordinary toll on the UK, with essential workers in many sectors having been severely tested. Here's some advice for business owners on paying wages and sick play for employees during Covid-19.
Small Business Advice
11 May 2020
Our experienced accountants reveal how to recover loss in business momentum and get ahead of potential cash flow problems. Business recovery may not happen overnight, but there is help available to make it achievable.
Small Business Advice
22 Apr 2020
Small businesses and companies in certain sectors are feeling the pressure from social distancing and lockdown measures put in place by the government. In order to survive, businesses will need to learn to adapt - here we look at some fantastic examples of companies adapting, surviving and even thriving during these troubling times.
Small Business Advice
06 Apr 2020
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed a number of temporary and targeted measures to support businesses and help the economy through the disruption caused by COVID-19. Here is a summary of the support available to businesses to deal with the impact of coronavirus and a breakdown of what businesses are eligible for the different measures.
Tax Advice
16 Mar 2020
With the Federation of Small Businesses calling it a “pro-small business Budget”, here’s a breakdown of the key points from the UK Budget 2020 related to small businesses, tax and finance.
23 Feb 2020
Employing staff is a big step for any new business. An extra set of hands can boost your businesses’ productivity and can even help you offer additional services to your clients or customers. But employing staff for the first time brings forward financial, tax and legal obligations for employers.
Small Business Advice
30 Dec 2020
As coronavirus continues to spread fuelled by the new variant, the Chancellor has extended key schemes to support businesses and employees through to spring, when the Government hopes the twin vaccines will begin to slow the pandemic.
Small Business Advice
03 Dec 2020
The most straightforward way to answer the question “What is Invoice Finance?” is to say it’s booming. There are several primary reasons for that, and during the past couple of decades, some key events have changed the way small to medium-sized businesses are borrowing.
Accounting Advice
05 Nov 2020
Accountancy and commerce are inextricably linked. At the best of times, accountants are an invaluable resource, but no business can afford to be without one when the financial climate is less favourable.
Small Business Advice
19 Oct 2020
The Government has introduced a number of schemes to enable small and medium businesses to continue trading during the pandemic crisis – BBLS, the Bounce Back Loan Scheme and CBILS, the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.
30 Sep 2020
Buying a business can be a great way to bypass some of the years of hard work that go into building a venture. Yet, it's by no means plain sailing, and it's only likely to prove a shortcut to success if you get everything right. While buying an established business does require some time and effort, it also means you'll need to have access to substantial funds, so there are risks.
Industry Specific Advice
17 Sep 2020
In case you hadn't heard, the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) movement has been gaining traction for a while now. In essence, followers believe that you get paid for your time, and how much time you are free from a traditional job is what defines success and happiness.
Small Business Advice
21 Aug 2020
It’s often said that the value of your business is what someone is willing to pay for it, but there are several approaches you can deploy to reach an accurate figure. Here's how to value your small business accurately.
Accounting Advice
02 Aug 2020
As a small business, you have a choice of how you file your accounts. You can either submit a full set of accounts or an abridged set, which contains less detail but meets the compliance requirements of Companies House and HMRC.
23 Jul 2020
To help you navigate the maze of employment legislation, here’s a very simple summary of the key points that affect employers in a business environment.
Accounting Advice
25 Jun 2020
Moving accounting systems is a daunting process, you’ve got all your financial history in the original system and learning something new takes time. But with the help of our Xero accountants, moving from Sage to Xero isn't complicated.
Small Business Advice
11 Jun 2020
We have recently expanded our accountancy services and legal services into Brighton, Sussex, where our experienced team of Brighton Accountants are getting to know and help businesses in the area.
Tax Advice
21 May 2020
There is little doubt that the UK Government’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ programme is a bold one. In their words, “HMRC’s ambition is to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world”. So, what is making tax digital, and what are the benefits?
Tax Advice
27 Apr 2020
With the Coronavirus keeping consumers at home, high street businesses are feeling the hit while food delivery offerings and digital subscription services are seeing a surge in sales. Here, our top London accountants will explain these rules and exemptions to explain VAT charged on delivery and postage costs.
13 Apr 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic continues on a global scale, businesses need employment law advice more than ever.
19 Mar 2020
There are some key Employment Law changes coming into force in April 2020. Employers will need to review and update their employment processes and documentation to meet the changes.
Tax Advice
26 Feb 2020
Here, our team of expert tax accountants explain everything you need to know about VAT on business entertainment. We’ll include a breakdown of the tax treatment of entertaining clients and employees, the rules governing staff parties and taking potential clients out for lunch, and discuss if it’s better to pay for these things through the company or out of your own pocket.
Small Business Advice
08 Feb 2020
Wondering how to start a small business in the UK? Here are eight steps to help you successfully start a small business.