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Refer a friend

£250 off your next tax bill, if you recommend us to a friend

It’s often difficult to choose an accountant, and as you might expect choosing on price or proximity alone often leads to frustration when it is tax and commercial expertise that are ultimately most important (but most difficult to assess in an initial meeting). So quite sensibly, most people end up asking a friend for a recommendation.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. In fact, when we conducted a recent customer survey, every single one of our clients said that they would recommend (or had already recommended) us to a friend.

We think it is only right that we should say thank you to all of our clients who have recommended us to their friends and family. Few people look forward to paying the taxman and indeed it is the cornerstone of our philosophy that minimising the annual tax bill is key to maximising a company’s growth.

So in return for a new client instruction, we’ll write the chancellor a cheque for £250 on your behalf. Let’s just hope he spends it wisely.

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