Sustainability Policy

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We strive to walk or use public transport to attend all of our meetings that must be held face to face. Our online accounting approach goes further in reducing our emissions as it allows us to work with our clients without any travel or requirement to post documents.

Going local

We work with local suppliers. This means that we are able to walk to collect orders or reduce delivery miles when we cannot collect ourselves. Supporting local businesses also helps sustain the local economy.

Paper Free

At Accounts and Legal we like to go paperless; it helps the environment around us and makes us more efficient. All of our contractual documents are electrically sent, signed and returned.

As Gold accredited Xero partners we also encourage our clients to keep their vital information in the accounting cloud. This gives us access to everything we need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while reducing the need for paper files to be transported between us and them. We also use Receiptbank.

Of course we can’t always go paper free but where we can’t we strive to use recycled materials; this leaflet for instance.

Sharing Space

Our Brighton branch operates from a shared space meaning we share the use of utilities with other businesses. The space also means we can work with lots of different businesses and share our network with our clients.

Carbon offsets

We have pledged to purchase Carbon Offsets to reduce our carbon footprint. Our aim is to be as carbon neutral as we possibly can.

Packages for Sustainable Businesses

Ask us about our packages for Sole Traders and Ltd Companies.

Our sole trader packages are designed for businesses operating under the Sole Trader model. We will not only complete your self-assessment tax return to help you declare your income, we will also prepare Sole Trader accounts for you at the end of your year to help you keep track of your businesses performance and plan for the year ahead.

If you have incorporated your business this package is for you. We work with incorporated start-ups through to established businesses. Our Ltd Company package includes everything you need to remain compliant throughout your company year as well as guidance and consultancy to help you grow and become more profitable.

If you are operating as a Ltd Company and you are VAT registered we can also take care of your VAT returns. Our VAT services are designed for those both Standard and Flat Rate schemes. If you aren’t sure which scheme you are on or are unsure whether or not you should be registered then give us a call.

Initial advice and consultation

We offer all sustainable businesses a free initial consultation. If you are a start-up you can come to us for guidance on your obligations and how you should position your business and if you are a more established business you might like to ask us some questions about your tax position, developing or financial planning for growth. We are here to help.


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