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Pension Contributions

Pensions scheme rules are changing for small businesses

Your Commercial Manager will be able to talk you through the steps that need to be taken as part of the government’s requirement for pension contributions, by which all companies will need to offer and contribute to a workplace pension’s scheme for each of their employees.

Company enrollment in the pension’s scheme is automatic, and will take place on a date which is determined by the number of employees in the business. The process has already started with the largest employers having already been brought into the scheme.

The majority of businesses employing fewer than 50 or fewer staff have had to comply since the beginning of 2016. We can teach you more about how it will affect small businesses in the UK and what you need to do for your company.

It’s not just employees who need pensions though. Our tax specialists will also be able to offer tax advice on how best to gain favorable tax treatment on your personal pension contributions.

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