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Employment Law

As businesses grow, it’s almost inevitable that you will have to deal with the occasional difficult employment situation

Knowing how to handle an under-performing member of staff, gross misconduct or a redundancy situation can be extremely difficult. It is often tempting to either ignore it, or hope that an informal discussion will do the trick.

The last thing any business owner wants is to end up with a claim for discrimination or unfair dismissal. And failure to follow the correct steps in these sorts of situations can all too easily lead to an employment tribunal. Equally, engaging a high street solicitor to advise on these employment law issues is often unfeasibly expensive: the legal bill for taking a contentious Human Resources situation through to an employment tribunal will typically cost several thousand pounds.

Our dedicated HR hotline offers unlimited employment law advice over the phone and is available to all of our clients for a fixed annual fee. It is staffed by employment law solicitors who can guide you through the procedures for dealing with capability, misconduct or redundancy as well as providing you with practical advice designed to resolve the situation.

We also have a very handy redundancy calculator, which helps give you an idea of how much an employee is entitled to, and our clients have access to a comprehensive range of precedents, templates, model letters and procedural guidance through our Business Consultants.

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