Accounting Services

Traditional accountants do a great job of the numbers, but that’s often as far as the service goes.

Our Business Consultants pick up where our accounting team finishes. We help London small businesses benchmark their performance against their competitors, set next year’s budget and put together a quarterly cashflow model.

Our accounting services not only help you plan for growth, but help you achieve it by taking away as much of the distracting bookkeeping, payroll and admin as possible.

Get in touch with our accountants in London or Brighton.


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Employment Advice

Keeping on top of your compliance obligations is something that is often hard to do in a growing business.

Our specialist employment law solicitors help small businesses create and maintain a robust set of policies, procedures and contracts to make sure that they are prepared for all eventualities.

And our dedicated fixed fee HR helpline is there to make sure that you have immediate support and legal advice if a difficult or unusual employee situation arises, enabling you to act confidently and decisively.

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Striking the right balance between company taxation and personal taxation is one of the key financial challenges that face small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our team of tax consultants are on hand to help you keep your tax returns bill to a minimum and advise on the best tax planning solutions for the future.

Our tax services have an integrated approach to both sides of the tax equation, meaning that cash flow can be optimised to suit the investment needs of your business and enable you to release cash from the business in the most tax efficient way possible.

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